Manitoba Mopar Association | Bi-Laws

A) The name of the association shall be the Manitoba Mopar Association Inc.
B) The association shall have such official insignia as the members shall designate.

A) Is an organization of enthusiasts who are interested in preserving the tradition and restoration of Chrysler built vehicles.
B) To establish good fellowship and sportsmanship among the members through activities involving Chrysler products.
C) To promote a better awareness of Chrysler products to the public, press, and other car clubs and/or associations.

A) There shall be one membership category in the club: active. The active membership shall be entitled to one vote in association business.
B) Any person desiring to participate in the activities of the Manitoba Mopar Association Inc., is eligible for active membership in the association
     with full privileges.
C) Active members are defined as those members in good standing.

A) Annual dues for active membership in the association shall be submitted to the membership chairperson or treasurer with the initial application
     for membership, and thereafter becomes payable to the membership chairperson or the treasurer on the anniversary date of membership.
B) Any member whose dues are in arrears by two months shall be automatically suspended. Membership shall be reinstated only upon payment of
     membership dues. The anniversary date of membership shall remain unchanged.

A) A majority of the board of directors shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the board.

A) All nominees for office shall be active members in good standing.
B) All elected and appointed officers and board members must remain active members in good standing during their terms in office.
C) All officers and directors shall be elected at the last meeting prior to the beginning of a new term, shall assume office at the first regular meeting of the term,
     and shall hold office for one year or until their successors are duly elected and qualified.
D) Nominations shall be made from the floor or by mail beginning at September's meeting and closing at October's meeting.
     Absentee ballots available on request.
E) Elections shall be decided by a majority vote of all active members in good standing either by present or absentee ballot.
F) The general membership shall be promptly informed of all elections results.

A) President: Presides at all meetings, appoints committees, acts as ex-officio member of all committees, serves as chairperson of the board of directors,
     issues the call for regular and special board meetings, ensures that elections are held according to the association's constitutions, and carries out
     the directives of the board of directors.
B) Vice President: In the event of Presidential absence or relinquishment of duties, the vice president will temporarily assume the duties until activity in said
     position resumes or the position is filled. Co-chairs all meetings. Responsible for setting meetings agendas, as well as conducting all association business.
C) Treasurer: Collects dues and all monies due the association, keeps the association's financial records, makes payments from club funds when so ordered
     by the board of directors. Countersigns all club cheques and makes regular financial reports to the association members and directors as requested.
D) Secretary: Keeps minutes of the general membership and board meetings, gives notice of all meetings, handles all associations correspondence,
     and keeps custody of all association records.
E) Newsletter Editor: Responsible for compiling, editing and producing monthly newsletter. The editor is also responsible for procuring articles, classified ads,
     stories, etc., for publication in said newsletter, as well as any changes and/or corrections which need to be made to any or all information.
F) Technical Advisor: Responsible for aiding and assisting any association member in need of information pertaining to the repair of that person's vehicle(s).
     Information available at monthly meetings or through questions and answer column in newsletter only.
G) Car show Chairperson: Informs members of upcoming car shows/events and the results thereof, handles show correspondence from all other clubs
     and organizations. Keeps members abreast of changes in dates, times, etc., of any show or event. Acts as liaison for association at any show or event
     by any other club or organization.
H) Activities Chairperson: Responsible for organizing and planning all association social functions/events, as well as procurement of prizes and/or donations
     for said events, which could be done in conjunction with the Car show Chairperson.
I) Membership Chairperson: Responsible for collecting monies for new membership applications and/or renewals and turning said monies over to
     the Treasurer for deposit in the associations account. Keeps record of all members, their status, new, renewed or lapsed. In the event of membership dues
     or renewal outstanding, the membership chairperson will attempt to contact the individual(s) to ascertain reasons for membership lapse. The chairperson will
     also be in charge of issuing a yearly membership card for each member.
J) Past President: Attends all membership and board meetings and acts in an advisory role to the board. This term shall be in effect until new president is
     elected creating a new past president.

A) General membership meetings shall be held monthly at a time designated by the board.
B) Meetings of the board of directors shall be held every month at a location to be set by the board.
C) The president may call special board meetings, and the board may call special membership meetings whenever necessary.
D) Once per year, an Annual General Meeting (hereinafter called AGM) shall be held in October unless otherwise noted.
E) Notification of the date of the AGM shall be included in the association's newsletter at least 60 days in advance prior to the AGM.
F) Nominations of officers to board of directors shall be made by mail (absentee) ballot or at regular meeting or special meeting at least 30 days prior to AGM.
G) Election of officers to the board of directors shall be held at each AGM, the length of term of each officer shall be one year from the date of election.
H) Upon the event that an officer's position becomes vacant prior to the next AGM, the board will appoint an interim officer and shall remain in effect until
     the next AGM where a new officer shall be elected.
I) Amendments to the constitution may be proposed and voted on at any association meeting, as the association may deem necessary. These amendments
     shall be placed in the newsletter so that all members may be informed of the proposed amendments before they are voted on at the next club meeting.
     The format of each proposed amendment shall be in a column-type format and shall appear similar to the example below.
J) The name and telephone number of the applicant of the proposed amendment shall be included with each submission, otherwise the submission shall
     be considered void.

A) Delegations shall be appointed by the president, subject to approval by the board, to represent the association, at meetings or assemblies
     as deemed necessary.

A) There will be no controlled substances or alcohol abuse before, during or after any association functions. Any reckless endangerment of physical well being
     or damage to personal property will not be tolerated. Violations will be dealt with on an individual basis.